2008-02-04 - Monday is the new Saturday.
2008-01-02 - Working for The Man
2007-12-11 - Let it snow.
2007-11-20 - Deli-icious.
2007-11-05 - I don't like my job much.
2007-08-17 - Mostly another Fazuul entry
2007-08-08 - Hooray! It's job hunting season again! Get ready for another 2-6 months of NOTHING but "Waah I want a job" entries!
2007-05-29 - So how was YOUR holiday weekend?
2007-04-17 - ALT 130. That's how you correctly spell résumé. I totally overused the word in this entry, just so I would maybe remember ALT 130 the next time I need it.
2007-04-02 - How to Leave Food Service
2006-12-29 - I worked Xmas Eve, so YOU didn't have to. You're welcome.
2006-11-22 - Even a Weds close can't destroy my good mood.
2006-11-10 - And the first seeds of discontent are sown...
2006-11-01 - Home of the Hot Fresh Breadstick.
2006-10-11 - You can get anything you want, at Alice's Restaurant.
2006-10-03 - In which I (finally) become salaried.
2006-09-23 - Work made me feel dirty today, and I wasn't even there.
2006-08-18 - I'm adequadacious!
2006-07-26 - work rant #427423
2006-07-20 - Whining about work, again.
2006-07-11 - Success University ___ dumb.
2006-06-19 - Review of last entry, and My Performance Review. I had no idea I had such a well-thought-out topic.
2006-05-26 - Another work rant.
2006-05-11 - I never could get the hang of Thursdays, either.
2006-04-05 - scheduling rant
2006-03-21 - That's not Writing, that's typing. But it did help me think through a few things.
2006-03-15 - Care for some whine with those breadsticks?
2006-03-11 - Kind of a happy ending. Except that it's not entirely happy, and not really an ending either. Screw it. You think of your own title for this entry, and pretend I used that.
2006-03-07 - Are all the acronyms confusing you? To make a long story short, I'm SOL.
2006-02-25 - Shh!
2006-01-30 - Schedulinator II: Revenge of the Schedulinator.
2006-01-22 - Schedules are hard.
2006-01-14 - I have a plan.
2005-12-07 - Talking to myself is theraputic.
2005-11-24 - Re'sume'
2005-11-10 - Does anyone else even remember those old Reese's ads?
2005-10-18 - I worked many.
2005-08-16 - Smitherseses, and How I Stuck It To The Man.
2005-07-19 - There are no breadsticks, only FaZuul.
2005-06-01 - Work was kinda cool. Yeah, I'm as surprised as you are.
2005-05-16 - This looks like a job for Emergency Pants!
2005-05-03 - Job hunt? Again? But I haven't recovered from the last one yet!
2005-03-31 - Regional Manager Man
2005-02-07 - Why I hate the phone.
2004-12-22 - Cold, and Work. Dammit.
2004-11-28 - That's right. I went there. Four months of repressed funk, in one convenient entry!
2004-10-25 - Jen is does not rhyme with penis.
2004-08-24 - Working undercover for The Man
2004-08-11 - Fazolian
2004-08-03 - Not a waitress
2004-06-03 - I actually have two jobs already. Why exactly am I looking for another one?
2004-02-14 - Bookstore rant.
2003-11-09 - Busy today.
2003-06-17 - I blame YOU.
2003-05-21 - Whine, whine, whine.
2003-05-01 - Inventory Day
2003-01-10 - I Hate Basketball
2002-12-17 - Work Rant #8,420,523
2002-12-11 - Linkage. So much easier than a real entry.
2002-11-14 - List?
2002-11-04 - 10 reasons I need a new job
2002-08-24 - Never answer the phone.
2002-06-27 - Maybe a 3rd job will make everything all better.
2002-06-12 - wacky food combos and idiocy
2002-05-25 - Babble
2002-05-17 - Bookseller, part III (I swear, the next one of these will get a better title, but right now, I'm running late for work)
2002-05-14 - The boring entry.
2002-05-09 - Bookseller, Part II
2002-05-07 - Bookseller.
2002-05-03 - New job
2002-04-29 - And there was much rejoicing
2002-04-02 - I work too much.
2002-03-27 - Mostaccioli.
2002-03-23 - Someone will pay.
2002-02-25 - Nick is insane.
2002-02-14 - See what you missed?
2002-02-04 - Ok, I'm ready for a real job. Now what?
2002-02-02 - All my coworkers suck.
2002-01-17 - This is My Brain at 3:45. A Dramatization.
2001-11-04 - I rule.
2001-10-20 - Work? Who's thinking about work? Not me.
2001-10-07 - Work has been not only shiny, but happy too. Are you as scared as I am?
2001-10-03 - There's no place like Management
2001-09-21 - Part two.
2001-09-18 - Part one
2001-08-27 - How do you solve a problem like Maria? And no. I didn't give her that alias just so I could use that as the title.
2001-02-24 - Shit, shit, shit.
2001-02-12 - Sixty three percent?
2001-02-03 - Mostly work.
2000-10-11 - I love Mary.
2000-10-03 - The people who I don't actually work for.
2000-09-30 - Ana whines about work again
2000-09-22 - No work!
2000-08-20 - Two entries in two days? Ana, are you feeling alright?
2000-08-17 - Being a Grownup Sucks.
2000-05-17 - I really don't want to work today.
2000-04-23 - I hate the buffet.
2000-03-22 - How to be a Bad Diner.

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